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Organic farmer Kanazawa Agriculture in February, 2001


"Kanazawa Agriculture," Agricultural Factory "Kanazawa Daichi" company founder Akira Imura. (Current Chairman)

I started to help my father farm in 1997. Back then, my father was using organic fertilizer and growing three main kinds of crops, which were rice, soy and barley. By establishing organic farming, I wanted to continue what my father was trying to do and work for the farming of safe foods. JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Association) pays attention to the cultivation of good soils and is based on the use of organic fertilizer and not using agricultural chemicals such as pesticides. Organic fertilizer is what my father was taking effort for. Now, what we need to work on is using no agricultural chemicals. Though we have a large amount of land to maintain for farming, we can use machines to weed instead of spreading herbicides. Also, we are able to get enough space for impingement protection from the habitual (non-organic) farming around our farm. Thanks to the big-scaled farming land, we "Kanazawa Agriculture" are authorized by JONA in February, 2001.



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