If you are new customer...

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If you are new customer...

Thank you for shopping at Kanazawa Daichi. If you are the first time customer, we only can accept the prepaid payment through the bank transfer, or postal transfer.

1. If you choose the cash on delivery service...
- You can pay to the delivery person when products arrive.
- The cash on delivery service fee \315 will be charged.
- Through Sagawa Express service, payments need to be made by cash.

2. If you choose credit card...
- Please follow the shopping cart screen and enter your credit card information and make payment.
- You cannot use credit card to pay on delivery.
- There is no additional fee.
- Yamato Transport service will deliver the products to you.

3. If you choose prepaid back transfer service...
- Please deposit the payment to one of the following bank
1) eBank サンバ支店 Sanba branch (普)7001778 カ)カナザワダイチ
2) HokkokuBank ミズキ支店 Mizuki branch (普)074786 カ)カナザワダイチ
3) Postal Transfer (Account #) 00760-1-74303
(加入者名) 株式会社 金沢大地

- AFTER you make deposit payment, we will start the shipping process.
- If you did not make payment within 7 days, we might cancel your order.
- You might be charged service fee when you make bank transfer deposit.
- Please specify your name or the name of the person who makes order.
If somebody is making a payment instead of you, please contact us.
- eBank transfer would be the fastest.


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